Ciampac – SKI
Thermoregulating long zip sweater with pockets made of DHtech 400. The incomparable technical characteristics of the fabric are enhanced by a unique jacquard, able to revisit the Norwegian design of tradition in a minimal and transversal way.
Composition: DHtech 400 65%PP 33%PA 2%EA

Champoluc – SKI
Thermal knitted T-neck 1/2 zip in DHtech 240, norwegian jacquard on upper part.
Composition: NEW FITTING DHtech 240 65%PP 33%PA 2%EA

The structured trousers, made of DHtech 300, are functional easy to wear garments, allowing to keep the body dry and perfectly thermoregulated during any outdoor activity. Extremely resistant, atibacterial, hypoallergenic, easy care.
Composition: DHtech 300 61% PP 37% PA 2% EA