About Newland

Newland is a unique brand in technical sportswear and from its birth has been able to always renew the meaning of sportswear, reinterpreting it in a trendy, warm and emotional way.

The philosophy that guides Newland is the constant research in overcoming its own limits, in order to create wellbeing, to reach the performance, to develope innovative contents, supported by unique and unmistakable features

A contemporary style, sporty and elegant at the same time, where a sober luxury passes through the selection of exclusive fabrics, of a sophisticated design and a tailored construction.

The collections, exclusively manufactured in Italy, respond to the image of a contemporary luxury product, which finds the perfect combination between craftsmanship and innovation, ethics and product, in an harmonious equilibrium.

The main objective of the company has always been the quality of its creations. Manufacturing on a local level was the logical choice, in order to directly manage and strictly control the final product: an impeccable standard and correct ethical behavior.

Comfort and wellness are also key elements in the Newland philosophy.

It is from the choice of high-tech fabrics, directly produced and from the experience of italian tailoring that its sporty luxury style originates, dedicated to a demanding and passionate clientele devoted to extreme sport or lover of wellness in everyday life.

Athesis S.r.l.

Athesis S.r.l is a dynamic company, able to quikly adapt to changes and new sportswear market’s requirements, but at the same time strong of his great product experience gained over the years.

Bruno Dareggi and his wife Marzia Vincenzi, both for thirty years in the knitwear production sector, founded the company in 2007 following the propulsive push of “Newland” project that substantially moved away from what developed since that time by the historical family company, founded in 1971.

Sustained in this new challenge by an enthusiastic, creative and highly specialized team able to support the innovative ideas of the founders, they are soon reached by the two daughters and one son, Anna, Claudia and Gian Marco, who, with different skills and specializations, are moved by the passion for the product always breathed in the family, and the desire to carry on an exciting idea.

This is the great added value of a company that has made the concept of family the real pillar.

NEWLAND FAMILY, as the group likes to define itself, has never been a biological family, but a team that grew up together, formed by people who, at all levels and without reservations, continue to give, step by step, success after success , an exceptional and fundamental contribution to the realization of a shared project, which speaks of technology and innovation, quality and craftsmanship, style and made in Italy, respect and timeless values.