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High Technology & High-Performance Fabrics

Thanks to a highly-focused innovation-oriented research and development lab, Newland has a whole line of unique, highly technological fabrics whose pride is made up of DHtech range that uses the best polypropylene microfiber, worked purely or combined with other yarns, to obtain high performance from the point of view of the technical characteristics and comfort, thus opening up new perspectives in the world of sportswear.


To ensure the highest quality standards, every garment is designed and hand-made in Italy, directly by us or by few trusted partners and subjected to rigorous quality controls before arriving to our customers. 

Our handicrafts use sartorial constructions with invisible seams to ensure a product of extreme quality and comfort.


Clean and contemporary lines are exalted by innovative and outstanding jacquards, unmistakable signs of Italian creativity, and guarantee the uniqueness of each of our customers.

Newland’s style reveals itself in an essential and sophisticated design that is original and attractive in graphic choices, a true manifestation of the brand’s soul and personality.



DHtech is a range of fabrics, of high content of polypropylene, incomparable for elasticity, comfort and fitting: essential features in the universe of technical-wear and successful in the lifestyle’s one.

Its ability to quickly out-transfer the body-humidity, make it an incomparable underwear or a perfect second layer as in strong cold weather conditions or in “stop and go” activities, in which there is the need of a fast humidity evaporation to keep body hot and dry.

• High breathability
• Thermal insulation
• Thermoregulation
• Consistency
• Lightness
• Bacterial-static Properties
• Hypoallergenicity

Easy Maintainance and Long-Term Resistance

The DHtech fabrics don’t bind chemically with other substances and so they are particularly resistant to dirt that doesn’t enter capillary in the fibers.

The colors are lasting and bright. They also have a huge resistance to grazes, pilling and break up.

An item made in DHtech dries quickly and it must not be ironed.

All the DHtech fabrics are exclusive and completely produced by Athesis S.r.L. in Italy.

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